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Sean Randall


Paige Connect displayed on a desk with user manual and packaging.

My story

Who are you?

I am Sean Randall, a totally-blind braille-loving teacher at a school for the blind and visually-impaired. I teach IT and support students with accessibility.

How did you first hear about Paige Connect?

I’ve watched the ideas for Paige Connect grow from the design stages with great excitement, and am hugely pleased to see a product come to market that’s going to be so useful to many, many people.

What were your first impressions?

That Paige Connect is such a simple idea. It really just does one thing, but in doing it well, Paige Connect will open doors to education, potentially for thousands of people.

How would you use it?

At home, I’d use it so my sighted daughter can view what I'm writing in braille or to write notes that I can store digitally to refer back to later. Professionally, I’d use Paige Connect so I could read what my student was writing through the web app without having to wait for the paper copy.

What would you say to anyone interested in getting one?

If you are supporting a young person in their learning, needing to learn braille yourself as an adult, or an accomplished braillist with a braille writer you want to make a little smarter, Paige Connect could be the product for you.