Instagram Post with caption Paige Connect transforms your classic braille writer by wirelessly connecting it to any phone, tablet, or laptop for instant translation and gamified learning.

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Instagram Post with caption We were thrilled to take Paige Connect on tour to LA in March for the 2024 CSUN conference! We met with many amazing educators, learners, and charities all working to promote braille and inclusion.

During the event, we had the chance to chat with Dave Williams from @rnibradio and Sam Seavey from @theblindlifesam , both of whom featured us in their CSUN roundups.

A special thank you to @weareinnovateuk for sponsoring our trip to LA through the Global Explorers Program.

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Instagram Post with caption Last month, we shipped a Paige Connect board to @otters.have.pockets, a disability advocate and journalism student who's embarking on the journey of learning braille.

We first met Seren back in May last year when we introduced her to one of our earliest prototypes. 

Seeing the evolution of Paige Connect since that initial meeting is very rewarding, and especially when you watch Seren’s reaction to the new board! 

Check it out here:

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Instagram Post with caption Paige Connect works with your favourite braille software! It is instantly compatible with any software supporting SDFJKL braille input.

For instance, now you can learn with UEB Online using Paige Connect. Administered by the NextSense Institute, the UEB Online website offers comprehensive online training programs and competency exams in braille literacy and mathematics, utilising the Unified English Braille (UEB) code.

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Instagram Post with caption Happy World Braille Day! Observed annually, today marks the birth of Louis Braille who 200 years ago, at the age of 15, invented the tactile system.

Braille enables blind people of any age to read with their fingers. With only six raised dots braille can be used to read books, play music or learn maths and languages!

Want to learn more about how braille works? Check out LEGO Braille Bricks to get started:

Instagram Post with caption We're excited to share that we will be showcasing Paige Connect at Sight Village South-East! We'd love for you to join us there. It's a great opportunity to see the product in action and have a chat with us.

This is especially exciting for us as it is the first Sight Village we are attending as exhibitors and is happening near @imperialcollege, where our team met and created Paige!

Here's a short video showing Paige Connect in action for those who can't attend, check it out!
Instagram Post with caption Paige Connect translates braille into print so that children and young people can develop their social communication skills. 

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Instagram Post with caption We are getting Paige Connect ready for the new school term! 

Paige Connect is a simple yet powerful tool that lets you share the print translation of your embossed braille, helping create a more connected learning experience. 

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Instagram Post with caption Last month we attended Sight Village Birmingham where we had the chance to meet with Jack Marshall. 

Jack is a university student studying Computer Science and Music Production and has written that “adaptations have played and still play a major part throughout my educational journey, and they enable me to survive and thrive. One example is the tactile writing system braille. I have used braille in multiple forms from regular braille, braille music and even braille codes for other languages”. 

Jack had the opportunity to try out Paige Connect and even left us a note! 

You can learn more about his journey in education at
Instagram Post with caption Paige Connect creates braille files so that children and young people can access, produce, and manage information independently.

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Instagram Post with caption Last week we had a great time at @the.disability.expo 2023 at London’s Excel Centre! 

We met some incredible people and everyone had words of encouragement for us and Paige Connect! 

We want to thank @weareinnovateuk for giving us the opportunity to be in their stand alongside the amazing @zeallifestyleltd and @helloaergo. 

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Instagram Post with caption Paige Connect can be navigated with a screen reader so that children and young people can use technology with as much independence as possible. 

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Seated at a white table inside a university group study room, Seren wears a smile while trying out Paige Connect with a braille writer and her laptop. The laptop screen showcases the Paige Connect web application in action.


Seren Jaye

“I am such a nerd for new accessible technology and this was so cool!”

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Paige Connect displayed on a desk with user manual and packaging.

Sean Randall

"Paige Connect is such a simple idea. It really just does one thing, but in doing it well, Paige Connect will open doors to education, potentially for thousands of people."

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Braille writer with Paige Connect connected to a laptop. The laptop screen shows translated braille.

Wendy Eaton

"If you are working in a school with a student it will save you so much time, you can just use the app to read what has been brailled in print – no more transcribing underneath a line of braille!"

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