Braille writer with Paige Connect connected to a laptop. The laptop screen shows translated braille.

What is Paige Connect?

An adaptation for braille writers enabling instant translation and gamified learning.

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Meet Paige

Paige was founded by a group of five Imperial College London engineers trying to understand the difficulties blind and partially sighted people face when accessing braille, but now we are more than that. Learn more

Reading together

Wendy Eaton

As a sensory needs service it would be very good to use in our schools

Sean Randall

Paige connects the braille learner to a sighted family member or teacher like nothing seen before.

Brian Mac Donald

We applaud the Paige Connect team for inventing this amazing device.

Suparna Biswas

We are very proud to be associated with such a committed and innovative team.

Braille User

Oh my gosh! ... my wife can view what I'm typing!

Braille User

I remember far more of what I actively read in braille than I do when listening.
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Braille matters

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) defines braille as a means of communication and therefore essential in freedom of expression and access to information. Worldwide, 340 million people are blind or partially sighted and this figure is set to rise due to an ageing population. Learn more

Write with us

Type braille with your keyboard! Our translation is powered by Liblouis, the braille translator created by the community.Translate
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