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Wendy Eaton


Braille writer with Paige Connect connected to a laptop. The laptop screen shows translated braille.

My story

Who are you?

Technical resource officer at the East Sussex Sensory Needs Service.

How did you first hear about Paige Connect?

The Braillists Foundation forum.

What were your first impressions?

Very good, definitely fills a gap in the market.

How would you use it?

As a service we would use it in schools so the teacher can see what the student is embossing with their braille writer.

What would you say to anyone interested in getting one?

If you are working in a school with a student it will save you so much time, you can just use the app to view what has been brailled by the student – no more transcribing underneath a line of braille! You also don’t need to know braille to use it, so if the usual TA is off sick anyone can retrieve the students work.