Paige Connect

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Paige Connect

Braille writers are mechanical devices that have been used for over 70 years to create braille. While they remain reliable, we want to modernise this iconic braille tool. We are building Paige Connect, an affordable upgrade for existing braille writers.

Paige Connect is a small device that attaches underneath the braille writer and allows it to connect to a phone, tablet, or laptop. Once connected, the braille writer can be used as a keyboard, enabling users to type braille into a web app. The web app also includes software that translates braille into print for collaboration with sighted peers, parents, and teachers.

Paige Connect Device
  • How does Paige Connect work?

    Set up:
    Unscrew the base of your braille writer and replace it with Paige Connect.
    Scan to read:
    Plug it in and connect to the web app by scanning the QR code.
    Write together:
    Start sharing! Sighted children or adults can see the print translation as you are embossing braille.
  • Why use Paige Connect?

  • Is Paige Connect compatible with any device?

  • How much will Paige Connect cost?

  • When will Paige Connect be available?

*Paige Connect is not manufactured or endorsed by Perkins School for the Blind and Paige Braille is not affiliated with Perkins School for the Blind in any way.

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