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March: Testing at New College Worcester


Shows New College Worcester teacher, Sean Randall, and a young student playing with LEGO Braille Bricks.

Students at New College Worcester spent a week using Paige Connect!

We are excited to share with you the progress we made in the past month and the developments we have in store for you.

Meet the team

We are thrilled to spotlight one of our valued team members, Sean Randall. Sean works as an IT teacher at New College Worcester and is a passionate advocate for computing and access technologies. His work also involves training students in the use of screen readers and braille displays, giving young people the skills to leave school with their technology as a faithful companion rather than a huge inconvenience.

We want to take the opportunity to thank Sean for his invaluable help and advice to the Paige team since its beginnings. He has been amazing at providing thorough accessibility feedback for the web application of our first product, Paige Connect. Sean has also organised several testing sessions of our prototypes with students, providing insights into how we can improve our product to better serve our customers.


These last weeks Paige Connect has been tested and used at New College Worcester, a national residential school and college for young people aged 11 to 19 who are blind or partially sighted. We were so happy to receive positive feedback and learn about the different uses teachers and students found for our braille writer upgrade.

We also visited Wendy Eaton, technical resource officer at the East Sussex Local Offer, and her colleagues to do an in-person demonstration of Paige Connect. Our technology focuses on enabling communication and collaboration with sighted peers, parents, and teachers. According to her “if you are working in a school with a student Paige Connect will save you so much time, you can just use the app to view what has been brailled by the student – no more transcribing underneath a line of braille!”.

Thank you

We are thrilled to announce that Paige is the Social Enterprise Award Winner in the Mayor's Entrepreneur Competition! The program is designed to encourage London-based students to explore entrepreneurship and to use their creativity and perspectives to develop innovative solutions that will help improve the city.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the Mayor’s Fund for London and the Citi Foundation for their support and funding this fantastic program, from the one-to-one mentoring to financing our software development. The competition has been a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase our work and innovation.

For in person demonstrations of Paige Connect or to find out more please contact us at hello@paigbraille.com or visit our website at paigebraille.com.