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April: Support from National Braille Press


Exterior view of the National Braille Press building in Boston.

Paige Connect has been awarded The Touch of Genius Prize for Innovation!

We are excited to share with you the progress we made in the past month and the developments we have in store for you.


The classic braille writer is ubiquitous, with hundreds of thousands being produced over several decades. This month we have been measuring lots of braille writer bottom boards so that Paige Connect will fit any writer whether it was produced today or decades ago to modernise this iconic braille tool!

It is very important to us that anyone can use Paige Connect without a steep learning curve.  That is why we have designed Paige Connect to be compatible with any device and screen reader. The Paige Connect app opens in any browser including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. This month we have been making improvements to make sure our app is enjoyable to use and easy to set up.

Lots of people have asked us how we are translating the braille they emboss. We are very proud to be using Liblouis, an open-source translator that supports many languages and is maintained by the braille community. It is thanks to the efforts of countless contributors that we have such good braille translation available today.

Thank you

We are so pleased to announce that Paige Connect has been awarded The Touch of Genius Prize for Innovation! The Paige team believes that braille should be accessible to everyone, and the National Braille Press has embodied this mission for a century. Our prototype was posted to Boston and carefully reviewed by a panel of experts and unanimously announced as the winner for 2023!

For in person demonstrations of Paige Connect or to find out more please contact us at hello@paigbraille.com or visit our website at paigebraille.com.