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March: Paige Connect at CSUN


 Gregory demonstarting Paige Connect to a QTVI and their student at the 2024 CSUN

We are working with UK based organisations to ensure Paige Connect is well supported and available as soon as possible!

It's been an exciting three months, and we're thrilled to bring you the latest updates on Paige Connect. Here's a recap of our recent progress and the exciting news we've been waiting to share.


Following the successful completion of our UK trial, we have now manufactured our first full batch of units for our waitlist. We are currently working with UK based organisations to ensure Paige Connect is well supported and available as widely as possible for our launch.

We are excited to share that Paige Connect now supports interactive braille learning! Our learning tool begins by introducing the braille alphabet before extending to contractions and features a dashboard to summarise your progress:


Over the coming months we will be gathering feedback from braille educators to continually improve this tool for the community. Our ultimate aim is to lower the barriers to learning to touch read braille and deliver an experience similar to Duolingo that encourages more people to get started!

We were thrilled to take Paige Connect on tour to LA in March for the 2024 CSUN conference! We met with many amazing educators, learners and charities all working to promote braille and inclusion. We had the chance to chat to Dave Williams from RNIB Connect Radio, check out our conversation here.

We also had a visit from Sam Seavey from The Blind Life who also featured us on his CSUN roundup.

Thank You

We would like to thank Innovate UK for sponsoring our trip to LA through the Global Explorers Program. This funding will also support us to complete regulatory testing to deliver our product in the US.

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